Regression Hypnotherapy
Your Past Is Always Present


About Me

My name is Roger Dilks. I am a professional regression hypnotherapist operating in the UK.

My practice has been established for over ten years and I specialise in regression hypnosis. I am registered with the General Hypnotherapy Standards Council.

When I first began my hypnotherapy practice I only used standard hypnotherapy methods and NLP. Although these methods worked very well for most clients it became apparent that some clients required something else, something different to help with their problems, this is when I first started using regression hypnosis.

The results regression hypnosis can achieve even now, never cease to amaze me. My only regret is that I didn't use regression right at the start of my practice.

Our sub-conscious mind is so powerful and much more in control of us than we may care to accept or even realise.

When the connection is made with the sub-conscious mind that relates directly to the problem or issue and the negative emotion is released, this is what I call the 'magic moment.' I can visibly see the instant change in my client, it is amazing to witness. Once my client has experienced this 'magic moment' the problem no longer exists, it has gone and in most cases it has gone forever, never to return.

This is why I specialise in regression hypnosis, it can be so powerful and the answer to so many problems. 

This may sound a little old fashioned and out of date but I really do have a genuine desire to help people. 


Your Past


Always Present! 


The Power Of Your Sub-Conscious Mind

Your Sub-Conscious Mind Can Hold The Key To Resolve Many Problems.